So following Sophie’s example, I’ve taken the Golden Compass test about daemons. And mine is… Check for yourself. It’s serious fun for fantasy lovers and quiz lovers alike.


I was reading Cláudia’s blog today and saw this quiz, which made me want to do it, just for fun. The result? Very surprising indeed!

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here

I wasn’t really expecting to be Lizzy. I was more inclined to think I would be Anne, of Persuasion. Guess I’m more prejudiced than I thought… 😉

Coisa muito esquisita…

…dirigir debaixo de neve. Neve molhada, ainda por cima.

No final das contas eh melhor ter neve molhada do que neve que faz tudo deslizar, porem continua sendo uma sensacao muito estranha: ver os flocos de neve se deslocando na sua direcao e nem mesmo parando no para-brisa. Surreal e, ao mesmo tempo, muito bonito.

Surreal mesmo eh pensar que estamos no final de marco, em “plena” primavera, e estah nevando! Coisas do hemisferio norte em tempos de efeito estufa…..


Herman Finkers. In Rotterdam.

When I’ve moved to the Netherlands I had already seen a couple of his shows on TV. I enjoyed them, but I couldn’t understand everything of what’s been said. Actually, almost nothing.

Yesterday it was a different thing. Glorious!

The show is more serious than his previous ones, but I also found it more mature and intense. And VERY good. So if you’re thinking about going to the theatre one of these days, this is a nice tip.