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Best friends

Correction: Liesbeth on the left and Jasmijn on the right.

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10 years

This week I just completed 10 years working for the American Book Center and I’m almost amazed at myself. Which also means I’m living in the Netherlands for MORE than 10 years. 10 years! And because of that I’ve earned … Continue reading

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It’s been difficult to accept my baby is getting older by the minute. We do accept, and we both know it’s part of the deal, but sometimes… Now she already can ride a bike on her own, and find the … Continue reading

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Sometimes I like to find new authors, and then I get a bit obssessed with their work. A couple of months ago it was Catherine Asaro. Mostly romantic fantasy, but fantasy nonetheless. And science fiction. I like her a lot. … Continue reading

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Reading away

I’ve been promising myself to write more on the blog, but I’m just too busy reading and reading and reading… I’m not usually that intense on the reading without stop thing, but there’s a reason for all that. My new … Continue reading

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