To Brazil and back

I’ve been to Brazil for a couple of days and everytime I go there, I come back with this feeling of strangement. Rio is not my city anymore. I recognize most of the places, a lot of the faces, but the city is becoming more and more distant from me. Maybe it’s because I’ve changed, maybe it’s because the city itself changed as well. The point is I don’t like it any more than I liked it before.

So why do I go there? Well, there’s my father, my second mother (stepmother is such a horrible word, isn’t it?), my brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces, and friends. And the warmth I get from them I’ll never get from anyone else, anywhere else. The differences in culture are then very clear to be seen.

And there’s one other very weird thing: I’ll never get used to people talking Portuguese all over me again. I can cope with meetings and parties, but on the streets? Weird stuff… 😀


The Nose Job

So most of you already know about “the nose job”. What you don’t know yet is that I’ve managed to have it done well, to have all good… until today. I went to the doctor today and she mentioned the septum is gliding back to its position. It’s just a little bit yet, and we will only know more details about it within 3 weeks, when I go back there for a follow up, but it’s definetely a bummer. So it’s not as successful as expected. Now it’s hope that when I’m back she discovers the damage has been minimal and that’s that.

On a “heavier” note: I really need to loose weight. Because if not… I’ll keep making weird breathing noises at night. Not a good prospect for a married woman with a caring and light-sleeper of a hubby. He’s under a lot of stress due to lack of sleep lately. So… it’s up to the salads and light food and down to all the chocolate I’d like to eat. Double bummer!

But that’s life. It happens when we are making plans. 😀

The Commonly Confused Words Test

Saw this one at our Ucranian friend Nadia’s weblog and couldn’t let it rest until I’ve tried it too. (sorry, folks, her blog is in Ucranian. But there are some patches of English here and there… :-D)

Your result for The Commonly Confused Words Test…

English Genius

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