"Wherever you are, be there totally"

Just a small sentence from The Power of Now, a book I’m reading for our discussion group in The Hague. It’s really a mind bugger sometimes. Not because he’s brilliant or anything, but because you start realizing how much you don’t do in the present. How much you live in the past and/or in the future. And how much you are missing with it.

I don’t think I’ll become as illuminated, but I’m certainly much more aware of everything else. 😉


BLADE RUNNER 2007, Opening Titles, NEW

A couple of days ago we’ve watched “Blade Runner” again and again I fell in love with it. Not as much as I did 18/20 years ago, when I would watch it everyday basically, but I’m even more impressed with the quality of the shots and how much the original story has been improved in this film. This year there’s a new version coming out and this is supposedly the new opening credits. Pretty interesting. I’m rather curious if there were any improvements… not that it really needed.
Needless to say Rutger Hauer rocks.