A Pippi Pinafore

There’s nothing more interesting than breaking my blog silence sharing my experience in making something new. So here we go again, this time with a beautiful pinafore.

I love Jennifer Lauren Handmade patterns and I always jump in the tester bandwagon as often as possible. Since this time I would be sewing during my sewing lessons vacation I just grabbed the opportunity and applied. And got super happy when I was chosen for reviewing it.

It took me a bit longer than I had planned, but here it is: my rendition of this amazing pattern.

As usual, the instructions are really good and easy to follow. I had a hickup at some point because I hadn’t read the instructions well, so I went back and discovered where my error had been and corrected it in time.

I’ve been using Patternsy lately to print my pdf files and even though I was tempted to do it, I decided to cut and paste to see if it’s still as good a match as the other 2 files I have and it is indeed! One of the best pdf files I’ve encountered so far.

I had a thick cotton with a bit of stretch in my stash for a while – actually NZ fabric given me by my best friend when I was in Wellington last time – with a curious squares patterns that I thought could work really well for this pattern. I also had some remnant lining fabric, so I actually was more than ready to go.

I used a straight size 24 with a C cup, and it’s definitely the right size for me. I made some changes between cutting the pattern and cutting the fabric so it would fit me better.

I was very careful while cutting the fabric because of all the squares on the fabric. It can’t be a perfect pattern match, but I’ve done what I could and it worked really well. The pockets are great and I’ve used jeans buttons because that’s what I had at home. No buckles, so I used buttons again for the straps, and with the instructions it’s easy peasy.

I have shortened the length in the bib in 3 cm (standard change for me), as well as the length of the skirt in about 6 cm (since I’m only 1,58m in a world where most patterns are made for 1,65m or 1,70m) so that it would stop right before my knees. And because I realized just in time that my waist is actually a bit wider than on the pattern, I’ve added 2 cm to the waist. Well, I actually forgot to divide by 4 and added 2 cm on ALL sides, whilst I should have used 0,5 cm… But that’s the beauty of making your own clothes: you make mistakes and you correct them.

Looking at the back pictures I think I should have done a sway back as well, but I wasn’t feeling that adventurous. It will have to wait for next time.

The straps were a bit hellish to turn – because that’s one of my difficulties in sewing and I still haven’t resolved that yet. But they turned out pretty well – because I followed the instructions. So it was worth doing them. I will try some other methods next times though.

All in all a very pleasant and easy sew, with very nice details such as the lined patch pockets.

Would I change anything on the pattern? Maybe add the option of back patch pockets. They are lovely, aren’t they? And I’m always for more pockets.

Will I make it again? I’m not so sure. It’s not usually my style, but it might become one. It is quite comfortable and beautiful, so who knows? I will probably make one for daughter, who was quite appreciative of the results and the fabric. I might still have just enough left.

Great pattern and great experience. If you are looking for a nice and not too complicated sew, this is a good pattern to make.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the reading and if not convinced yet, give it a try.