I’ve gone bonkers, maybe, but I’ve just started one of those internet courses on Child Psychology. Kinderpsychologie is the name, and it can be found at the NTI website. It’s fun, and quite difficult. Not because of the subject itself, but to put things in Dutch is. And try to find out explanations that are NOT in the book, that’s for sure! But I think it’s quite interesting, really. It’s actually a try-out month, in which I should try everything the website offers and, at the end of a month, if I’m not satisfied, I only have to send the first sending back. Since I was already interested in it, I didn’t think it was bogus. Still doesn’t seem to be, so I’ll keep trying for a couple of weeks more. Who knows? I might even learn something from it… 😉

I’m trying to read Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro. For the bookclub, of course. I don’t seem to get it, and I must confess I’m not trying my best with this one. I guess I’m one of those bookclub members who do book every two months or so.

On a lighter note I’m reading Born in Death, by J.D. Robb. (Or as the covers say nowadays: Nora Roberst writing as J.D. Robb. What’s the sense in that? Everybody already knows they are the same person, but writing different styles. Why put it like that? Just write the original name – as she signed the first titles – and let it be. But NO!) It’s a series about a homicide detective (maybe death on the title was a give away?) in a future New York (2059 or sth like that) and her VERY wealthy husband. Nice to put your mind into nothing, have a nice time and still be able to think about life. It helps me cope with whatever is happening in my life. Fun read, easy on the eyes and on the gray matter.

Besides all that I’m getting more and more vibes about writing stuff. Anything, actually. Ideas, plots, names, scenes. It’s all finally coming back to me and I’m getting pretty iced by it all. (Read J.D. Robb influence in my use of the English language, please.) I’m starting to realize how much I’ve missed this. But I’ve learned one thing though: I definetely think in English or Portuguese when I’m writing stories. Dutch is a day-to-day language, and a working language, but never that easily used. It might come someday, you never know, but I’m not counting on that for the next decade or so.


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