Ballet lesson / Aula de balé

I’ll need to change a few things before I’m allowed to put the video here… to be continued

Vou precisar mudar umas coisa antes de conseguir botar o vídeo aqui… continua

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One more year

Yes, we all get at that time when we look back and wonder what we’ve achieved, and if what we’ve achieved is enough. Enough for what, I’m not sure yet, and might never be, but I’m just happy life turned out the way it did.

And I’m still looking forward to what’s next!

So Happy Birthday to me today. One thing missing: one’s best friend living so far away that’s not possible to talk live at each other’s birthday.

But we still have Skype and gmail’s video. :-p

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Just installed in my phone. Will it work? I wonder…

Acabei de instalar no telefone. Será que vai funcionar? Tomara…

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Aaaaahhhhh! Piolhos!

Ontem descobri que a Jasmijn está com piolho. Buá!

Já lavei todas as roupas de cama, as toalhas, os casacos… agora tenho de levar todas as toalhas de ontem – de novo! – e ainda ficar de olho na cabeça de todo mundo. E passar o aspirador de pó duas ou três vezes ao dia pela casa toda, principalmente os sofás.

Tristeza total.

Enfim, faz parte desta vida holandesa, e do papel de mãe. Como é que a minha mãe aguentou 7? Já estou dando tilte com uma! 😀

Agora é me preparar para os próximos dias, pois semana que vem tem novo controle………

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Best friends

Jasmijn and Liesbeth

Correction: Liesbeth on the left and Jasmijn on the right.

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10 years

This week I just completed 10 years working for the American Book Center and I’m almost amazed at myself. Which also means I’m living in the Netherlands for MORE than 10 years.

10 years!

And because of that I’ve earned an extra vacation week  (yippie!) and got a wonderful leather bookmark made by my colleague Simone, who does some book binding in her free time.


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It’s been difficult to accept my baby is getting older by the minute. We do accept, and we both know it’s part of the deal, but sometimes…

Now she already can ride a bike on her own, and find the power cable for the Innuendo DS (oops, it was supposed to be Nintendo DS, but my phone changed the word and I haven’t noticed…). What’s going to be next?

Full of proud and trepidation, we can only wait and see, while doing our best to give her the necessary weapons to survive in this world.

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