10 years

This week I just completed 10 years working for the American Book Center and I’m almost amazed at myself. Which also means I’m living in the Netherlands for MORE than 10 years.

10 years!

And because of that I’ve earned an extra vacation week  (yippie!) and got a wonderful leather bookmark made by my colleague Simone, who does some book binding in her free time.



5 anos! / 5 years!

Jasmijn está completando 5 anos amanhã. Cada vez considero-a um milagre na nossa vida: esperta, feliz, cheia de gênio, uma pessoa à parte. E alguém que nos faz crescer também, como pais e como pessoas. Nada como ter alguém que olha o mundo fascinada para fazê-lo perceber as pequenas felicidades da vida. 😀

Jasmijn is completing 5 years tomorrow. Every time I look at her I consider her a greater miracle in our lives: smart, happy, full of spice, a unique person. And somebody that makes us grow as well, as parent and person. Nothing like having someone looking at the world with fascinated eyes to make you realize the small happy moments life brings. 😀