One more year

Yes, we all get at that time when we look back and wonder what we’ve achieved, and if what we’ve achieved is enough. Enough for what, I’m not sure yet, and might never be, but I’m just happy life turned out the way it did.

And I’m still looking forward to what’s next!

So Happy Birthday to me today. One thing missing: one’s best friend living so far away that’s not possible to talk live at each other’s birthday.

But we still have Skype and gmail’s video. :-p


One thought on “One more year”

  1. Oi Lilia, gostaria de incluir teu blog no Mundo Pequeno (lista de blogs criada pela Luciana Misura do blog Colagem), se for possível, por favor me informe a cidade em que você vive. Gostei muito do seu blog! Um abraço carioca!
    P.S. postei duas vezes o mesmo comentário :o/

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