Reading away

I’ve been promising myself to write more on the blog, but I’m just too busy reading and reading and reading… I’m not usually that intense on the reading without stop thing, but there’s a reason for all that.

My new e-reader.

Yeah, I couldn’t resist it.

I first thought I’d go for an iPad. It’s so gorgeous! But then I started noticing that while reading on my phone was sort of ok for a while, my eyes were getting VERY tired. Because it’s small – I grant that some points – but mostly because it produces light. And I simply can’t stand looking at a light-producing monitor too long. Not anymore.

So something gotta give.

I decided for a Bebook Neo. It might be black and white, but it’s actually all I need to read. And I just put so many books in it I’m basically jumping from one to the other: new authors, but also old beloved titles. And without having it cluttering my home even more.

The set back: while I’m using it, nobody else can read the other books. But actually, nobody else does, at least not yet. Because Ruud doesn’t really like the idea of an e-reader and Jasmijn is still a bit too young for that. But there’s come a day when she’ll want to read in it as well, I’m sure. She’s that kind of girl, just like me. 😀


One thought on “Reading away”

  1. “Ruud doesn’t really like the idea of an e-reader…”?!
    It is an abomination in the eyes of someone who works with a printingpress, Missy….!!!!!

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