To London and back

As the title says, we’ve been to London. For a couple of days, mind you, but it was wonderful. It was a sort of compensation for our unlucky summer vacation last August in France.

Coram's Fields - October 2009
Coram's Fields - October 2009

We visited The London Eye at last! (absurdly expensive, by the way) Jasmijn was having a ball and I just couldn’t come close to the windows. Who’d say that.

View from above
View from above

And we’ve also been to Coram’s Fields and a nice park in Kensington, the one they’ve built in memory of Princess Dy and that has a Peter Pan theme to it. Nice! We’ve spent a couple of hours there, just allowing Jasmijn to climb and run around as much as she wanted.


And last but not least we’ve been to the Natural History Museum, where we’ve met some very interesting animatronics. The one of the young T-Rex is really impressive! It’s really worth a visit!

Jasmijn pequenina em comparação...
Jasmijn pequenina em comparação...

One thought on “To London and back”

  1. As fotos estao otimas. Que bom que essas mini-ferias foram boas. Quanto a questao da altura, tenho tido meus problemas por aqui, especialmente na hora de atravessar pontes e viadutos. Mas me prometi procurar um tratamento com hipose. Pode ser que resolva.

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