I’m suddenly very hungry for reading, so I’m doing it (almost) all the time at the moment.

In Rio Claudia gave me one of her books that she had double, The Viscount Who Loved Me, by Julia Quinn, and since I’ve read that one I had to read other titles by the same author, about the same family. Really funny. And interesting too, since she tries to show other aspects of the Regency times.

After that I’ve started reading some Mangas as well, suggestions from Ester.

The Color of Earth is a beautiful story of love and blossoming passions, the relationship between mother and daughter and about the needs of the heart and of the body. Very sweet.

Pluto, on the other hand, is a very dark and philosophical story of a police investigator, also a robot, investigating the murders of “well-adjusted” robots in society. And he might be the next victim if he doesn’t hurry up in finding out who’s behind it all…

And let us not forget For You Alone, the second and final part of Persuasion written from the perspective of Captain Frederick Wentworth. Really well-written. And so very romantic… 🙂


One thought on “Reading”

  1. …tsk tsk tsk……and here I am, with all these Gerrolds, Paretsky’s, Evanoviche’s, Pratchett’s, Grafton’s, Adam’s, Green’s and lest but not least: all the AJ Quinnells’s at your service……
    Here’s a tip: Hyundai Matrix: the owners manual.
    I’ve been told it’s an enlightning read…..

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