Crise dos 7 anos / 7-year itch

Existe crise dos 7 anos para casa? Porque a nossa começou a dar uns probleminhas chatos, de estrutura que não é renovada há anos. Uns 7, pra dizer a verdade…

Is there a 7-year itch for houses? Because ours has started having some little problems, coming from years of non-renewal. About 7, to tell you the truth…

Acabei de descobrir que a pia da cozinha está vazando, após termos resolvido a infiltração do banheiro e a porta do sótão que tinha quebrado. E ainda nem comecei a falar do jardim, que por causa das terras pantanosas em que vivemos, costuma levar a areia do jardim embora…

I’ve just found out the kitchen’s basin is leaking, right after we’ve solved a leakage in the shower cabinet and the broken door to the “attic”. And I haven’t even started on the backyard, that since we live in a kind of a marshland, the sand usually is washed away with time…

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2 Responses to Crise dos 7 anos / 7-year itch

  1. Ruud V says:

    Well, repairing the leaking kitchensink while having a flue wasn’t much fun, though in the end, I did manage.

    And the repair of the hatch to the attic was a reasonable succesfull transplantation (you were surprised, admit it).

    The garden is not forgotten though. Honest!
    Stop looking at me like that…..!

    Ruud (caretaker)

  2. claudia says:

    Ah, all the fun of marriage and houses and kids! 😀

    They gave us some warm, a lot of laughs and unimaginable headaches!

    Mude enquanto ainda tem energia, porque daqui a pouco a preguiça vai ser muito maior! 😀

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