Crise dos 7 anos / 7-year itch

Existe crise dos 7 anos para casa? Porque a nossa começou a dar uns probleminhas chatos, de estrutura que não é renovada há anos. Uns 7, pra dizer a verdade…

Is there a 7-year itch for houses? Because ours has started having some little problems, coming from years of non-renewal. About 7, to tell you the truth…

Acabei de descobrir que a pia da cozinha está vazando, após termos resolvido a infiltração do banheiro e a porta do sótão que tinha quebrado. E ainda nem comecei a falar do jardim, que por causa das terras pantanosas em que vivemos, costuma levar a areia do jardim embora…

I’ve just found out the kitchen’s basin is leaking, right after we’ve solved a leakage in the shower cabinet and the broken door to the “attic”. And I haven’t even started on the backyard, that since we live in a kind of a marshland, the sand usually is washed away with time…


2 thoughts on “Crise dos 7 anos / 7-year itch”

  1. Well, repairing the leaking kitchensink while having a flue wasn’t much fun, though in the end, I did manage.

    And the repair of the hatch to the attic was a reasonable succesfull transplantation (you were surprised, admit it).

    The garden is not forgotten though. Honest!
    Stop looking at me like that…..!

    Ruud (caretaker)

  2. Ah, all the fun of marriage and houses and kids! 😀

    They gave us some warm, a lot of laughs and unimaginable headaches!

    Mude enquanto ainda tem energia, porque daqui a pouco a preguiça vai ser muito maior! 😀

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