Spot the difference

As some have noticed I’ve been systematically losing weight. Last Wednesday I’ve got to a turning point in this process: I’ve acheived my -10% mile at the Weight Watchers. It’s really an incentive, seeing your efforts working out.

Most important of all: it’s something for life. I’m not worried about how many kilos I still have to get rid off. I’m more into teaching myself not to despair when I’ve eaten a whole pizza, or a big piece of tiramisu. Despair means keep “falling from grace” instead of understanding that we all have those moments and that they should be allowed.


Not as a rule.

Which is a challenge in itself. 😉
The photo on the left has been taken in July, during our vacation to Danmark. The photo on the right was taken in November, during the intocht van Sinterklaas in Schiedam, 4 months and -10 kg later.


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