The good thing about reading is that it helps me to relax. But it also helps to learn, to meditate, to think about life and to evaluate life.

So that’s what I’ve been doing while reading Mindless Eating, by Brian Wansink. It makes me really aware of what I eat. And even if I’m not loosing weight yet, I’m pretty sure it will happen, because you really pay attention to when you eat, how much you eat and the quality of it. I’m not a stupid person who doesn’t know anything about nutrition and the qualities of good food, but I am a bit lazy in preparing it though… So I’m learning to enjoy the cooking part more, even if my dear hubby is more the simple food kind of guy. And he’s learning to enjoy/suffer my attempts to make us three eat healthier than usual. No more package food for you, love! 😉

Another nice thing is how Jasmijn enjoys dealing with plants. We’ve put some flowers in the front garden the other day and since then she wants to give them water everyday, even if it’s raining. Always fun. So I’m planning to buy some more flowers for the backyard (still!) and we’ll be planting some more flowers again. And maybe giving them water too.

I’ve also gotten some help from Sophie in the form of a book she found in our warehouse in Den Ilp: Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots: Gardening together with children, which I will definetely take a good look at. I’m quite interested in doing some gardening with Jasmijn, but since gardening is something I’ve never done actively in my life, I still have to learn a bit more about it. So here we go!


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