Not reading, but…

Today I needed sth to read while I was on break. Not need but wanted to read in the sun, to enjoy the really nice weather we’ve been having the last couple of weeks (it’s been so dry !!!, though, that our tree is sheding a gluey goo and it’s really sticky – ugh!). I wanted to check The selfish gene, by Richard Dawkins, but it’s sold out. So I had to choose sth else. Not that far from Dawkins are Jared Diamond’s books, and The Third Chimpanzee grabbed my attention. It’s another one of those books I’ve always been interested in but never managed to put my hands on. It’s quite interesting and extremely well-written. He brings studies and scientific facts into a new light, in a funny and easy way to read.

Most interesting for me: I really enjoy reading these things, talking about developments, scientific changes etc. And the philosophy behind it all. Yeah, it was definetely time for a change..

The challenge nowadays is not what to read, but what not to read. It’s almost absurd… 😉

P.S.: Interesting note though: I’ve been learning how to devide my time in a more reasonable and effective way. It’s not easy, changing old habits, but it’s been working gradually.


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