Study evenings

So I get home from work, we eat, Jasmijn goes to bed and Ruud and I go ‘separate’ ways: I’m studying and he’s watching tv, reading or answering some e-mails. For a long time I thought this might be the weirdest thing ever – doing things separately -, but it works as I never thought it would. It gives both of us time to unwind, and gives us room to appreciate each other’s presence better. After all, knowing each other for 14 (fourteen!) years and being together for 8 (eight!), you sort of start taking things for granted, even when you shouldn’t. So yeah, those moments when I’m just reading my eyeballs out and he’s relaxing have been very good for us. And Jasmijn gets everybody’s attention as well… 😉


2 thoughts on “Study evenings”

  1. Gee, you make me sound like a real shallow husband!
    I do more than watch tv when you study!
    I clear the table.
    I do the dishes.
    Never mind. I’ll watch tv….

  2. well, SOMEone needs to catch up with popular culture in your household. so while she’s being all intellectual, you’re increasing your EQ. two sides, same coin. 🙂

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