What is it that makes us see the world with other eyes? They can be new, but they can also be old, as old as the world… And being new it just doesn’t see all the implications life can have.

Too much philosophy for me at the moment.

One thing though: haven’t been felt this alive in quite sometime. I just found out I REALLY need this: study, think, analyse, compare, talk about things, share views and stuff. And laugh. Laugh for good.

Good, huh, that I’ve decided to share my life with someone that can make me laugh. 😉
(and yeah, that one was for you…) 😛


One thought on “Filosofando”

  1. It’s great that I can make you laugh!
    For the right reasosn off course.
    If this post is just a way to comment on my dangly bits, I would rather not make you laugh…..

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