So here I am…

So here I am changing plans again about what I want to study. It turns out that Pedagogy is not a good alternative at the moment: I would have to find a job/internship for at least 16 hours a week and that would have to do with the course as well. No chance! Besides I don’t consider responsible of my part to accept a job in an area I have no real info about, just empirical knowledge. And I’m not sure I want to leave my job at the moment. Sure it’s not the best well-payed job in the world, but I think I still have room for improvement there. In many ways.

After I decided not to return to the Pabo I was dreaming of following a university course on Pedagogy. Not realistic, unfortunately, since the nearest universities are either in Utrecht or Leiden. And the times would be impossible to follow. So I’ve looked for other options. Studying via internet/mail was the best option and that’s when I’ve started with the Children’s Psychology course at the NTI. Nice one, but way beyond my level. One good thing though: it really made me think and want to look for something more fulfilling.

Next stop: OU (Open Universiteit – Dutch Open University). I’ve checked the British one as well, but the prices for outside the UK are murderous (usually more than the double than when you’re living in the UK). The only problem: there’s no Pedagogy to be studied from afar.

But there’s Psychology… So I’ve started informing myself about it and got to the conclusion I should persue this venue. To which extent I still don’t know, since I haven’t even started yet, but it seems to me the best option at this moment: intellectual challenge, getting some education, prospect of a reasonable future (if I finish the whole course), and even the prospect of some help with anything I might do in the future.

Since I’ve realized the Pabo was no real possibility (too much work for such a miserable effect), I’ve been looking around, trying to figure out what would be best for me. I’m not sure Psychology is THE thing, but it’s certainly something I’ve always been fascinated with. And I’m pretty sure I won’t suck at it…

Having doubts about which level of study I should have, I’ve contacted the Dutch Institute of Psychology about the different possibilities and today I hear the answer: it’s a university course, that actually demands a lot of energy and effort from a student, in many years of scientific study and dedication. And if you want to follow the course and become an attending psychologist, you need to have at least a master’s degree.

Funny. Instead of making me run away in tears because of all the work and time it will take, it just made me even more curious about it. Maybe I’ve just found the challenge I was missing…

P.S.: Poor hubby: he just doesn’t know how to cope with my devious mind… 😉


3 thoughts on “So here I am…”

  1. i think it’s a good sign that you are more intrigued by the study knowing how much time it will take rather than running away 🙂
    also, since you are “discovering” the psychology and self-help section in the store, it seems that looking that way for a study is a natural extension of your interests at the moment. go for it!

    now, if only i could figure out what my interests are, perhaps i could find a field of study for me. hmmmmm

  2. it won’t matter ruud. anything of the female persuasion, inflatable of not, will confuse men. it’s the instructions we get when we are born or made, you see…

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