Mad about it

I’ve taken a look at a customer and thought to myself:

“Why people let themselves go that far?”

And then ask myself: why do I do that then? Have to find out, right? And “fix” it.

Weird thing, psychology of the mind. Think about it: the seriously healthy people I know are mentally AND physically busy, with neither taking too much of the other. (Weirdest train of thought ever!)

Anyway, the thing is: I need to find the right buttons for this eating/exercising thing. I don’t know yet what to do to solve it, but it really bugs me. Badly. It makes me mad, with myself, and it usually has the exact opposite effect it should have. Ok, now I’m wandering off.

Let’s start with finding things to do with Jasmijn at home, such as baking bread (which she did yesterday at the creche!), baking cookies, playing with clay, painting and stuff like that. Who knows I’ll get the energy to go out and do stuff in the garden as well. It really needs it, by the way. And mixing up dirt and planting flowers might be fun to do with a toddler, right? I’ll find out if it’s not… 😉


2 thoughts on “Mad about it”

  1. a little late, my comment, especially as i’ve read this entry earlier already 🙂 but baking and gardening with a toddler is great fun! especially if they’re allowed to get dirt up to their eyebrows.
    and i think you’re right: just start with one thing, and the energy will come along apace.

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