Life is good, again!

After being in a dip for a few days, I feel a bit better. Again. It might have to do with the weather, which have improved quite a lot in the last few days. Or it might have to do (most probably) with some decisions made and finding out some good stuff about our (Ruud’s) PC.


  • try things out without too much worry (quilting, here I go!). I have this weird tendency to put so much energy into things I really want that they take a lot more weight than they should have. Lighten up is quite important.
  • get in touch with someone from the Pedagogiek department to talk about real possibilities. I was making myself really crazy about not being able to do it, and doing it, and all around it. I’ve got myself an appointment: 12 March, but who cares? Now that I do have the appointment things became suddenly a lot easier.
  • get myself an appointment with the psychologist. She helps me to put things straight, since I have the tendency to better listen to her than to someone involved with me (read soul mates, both of them!). The fact I have an appointment makes me feel better already, and I start thinking about everything with more calm, being able to put things into a better perspective.
  • give me a deadline about my efforts to loose weight with a dietician: if it doesn’t work till my next appointment (5 March), then I’ll join the Weight Watchers again. And this time it has to work out!
  • There are more, but I can’t remember… 😉

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