My name is Bond, James Bond

We went to see the new Bond yesterday. Finally. Nice film, but I wouldn’t say Daniel Craig is better dan Pierce Brosnan. I like Brosnan as Bond. He can be serious and funny and still have style. I haven’t felt that with Craig. The body scenes were nice, but it’s not the kind of body that moves me. Besides he has “flappe oren” (how do you say that in English? Forgotten already…) and I definetely don’t like those in a man. Never did, never will be. As for him being blond… why not? Not all of the other blokes had dark hair, you know…

Anyway, ‘Casino Royale’ is a nice movie, but I wouldn’t run to buy a copy of the DVD. It has it’s moments, but closing to the end it really misses something: the pace changed so much you actually not in action move mood anymore. At least I wasn’t. It was good enough that it kept my attention. But not enough that I wouldn’t bother with little details getting in the way. I definetely missed the gadgets. It’s for me one of the Bond trade marks. On the other hand I really liked the shower scene. It was a nice little touch. As for the rest… good entertainment, worth the go. So, enjoy!


One thought on “My name is Bond, James Bond”

  1. i thought it was a bit long, but as for craig – he is the first bond that has actually caught my attention (and not for his physique, either)! all the other ones are interchangeable to me, but this time i actually got the idea that bond is a scarily clever man. and as he’s supposed to be a superspy, that seems like the number 1 most important thing he ought to be – the funny and the flippancy is not really such a big deal. so i’m all for craig as bond, and would like to see the next one – something i’ve never thought i’d say about a bond movie, either, as usually i just watch bits of them as i zap on tv. 🙂

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