Day of sin. Day of penitence. Day of re-thinking.

I ate a stroopwaffel AND a stroopkoek at work and felt very bad about it. But not enough that I would then just throw it all away to hell and forget about resolutions and needs. If I falter on my main goal, it doesn’t mean I’m going to get over with it and not doing it anymore. It just means doing it for longer than not. My own fault, of course, but I have to live with it. Today was already a new moment and tomorrow is a certain a new day: no need to dispair and give it away. We start from where we stop, trying to go further. And if further doesn’t work, than keeping on track and re-doing what’s been done till now should go on.

In the evening we’ve watched a wonderful first episode of a short-lived British wonderful series called Jericho, with Robert Lindsay. I’ve given hubby the boxes with the 4 episodes, since we never know when these films will ever show up again. We’ve seen it and thought it was quite nice, entertaining and good. Really well done. It’s worth the time in front of the telly. Besides Robert Lindsay reminds me my older brother a lot and I like watching it thinking about him. It’s funny.

As for the family eating habits, I’m starting a menu this week, but since I work Tuesday till 18:00 and Wednesday till 19:00, Ruud is the one making dinner. And tomorrow I won’t even eat at home at all. Staff meeting it is… I will have to start the meny thing on Thursday I guess. I’ll what I can do.

Enough rumbling. Now I’m off to bed and dreamland. Hopefully until tomorrow, if Jasmijn kindly allows.

2 thoughts on “Sunday”

  1. Hi Lilia,

    Thanks for the compliment on our blog.
    You’re doing not too bad, either.
    You seem to know precisely what you want to do: good for you!
    I think hubby should diet and exercise with you: how else can he continue to lift Jasmijn on his shoulders in the coming years in the same way?!


  2. I disagree about the hubby-diet-thingie. Hubby is already in good shape to participate in toddler-tossing, which will be a demonstrationsport at the next summer-olympics.
    So: less salad, more pasta!


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