This week

I have been doing reasonably fine in my latest decisions, but I still have to work on some pointers. Such as changing fatty food for something healthier and reaaaaaally exercising. My first step of not eating all over has been accomplished though and for it I’m quite ok with. Drinking loads of water have helped and I’ll keep on this track, since I’m starting to feel better already just because I’ve been drinking more.

Next step is to follow what my dietician said to the risk: make a menu and write down all the deviations that might occur, with comments on my feelings at that moment. Quite a difficulp process, actually, since it obligates you to confront and see your own ‘problems’. But I’m up to it now. Finally.

Exercising means, at the moment, going for a good walk with Jasmijn. She is our little tornado and can walk quite a lot. If she wants, which is most of the time. Sometimes fortunately sometimes not. Well, she’s turning two after all…..


2 thoughts on “This week”

  1. Sounds impressive. But are you going to force your hubby to follow your diets as well? I feel that it wouldn’t be good for his already perfect physique if he has to loose even more weight…..

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