Some resolutions

First day of my ‘control-what-you-eat’ resolution and I’m feeling good! I’ve eaten way too many croissants (breakfast AND lunch), but, on the other hand, no eating in the afternoon at work. Managed to gobble an apple down instead of some sweets that were lying around and felt very proud of myself.

On an even better note: I haven’t eaten anything besides dinner at home, and even managed to get a tangerine down my throat (one that Jasmijn decided she didn’t want to eat today… sigh) as a dessert. Result: two pieces of fruit in my first no sugar/no eating around day. Way to go!

I’ve realized resolutions are things we have to construct as we go. You make one general realistic decision and stick to it. And as soon as you get one step under control, you move to the next level. So instead of deciding I’ll loose all my weight and keep it off (not realistic decision, ever! unless it’s a resolution that will take over your life for good, for a looooooong time, which realisticly speaking almost never happen), I’ve made the resolution of controling what I eat and slowly getting back into track (to my pre-surgery eating habits some 8-9 years ago – an NO, it was not a sex change surgery, ok?). It’s a more realistic goal.

So REALISTIC is the word. I haven’t even come up with the concept. I actually “copied” from Dr. Phil McGraw, whom I admire more every day. I never thought I would turn into one of those people who turn to self-help books and programs, but I do think he’s right in many things. Besides, if I am not the one doing things for myself, who will? I cannot expect the world to evolve around me forever, even if we, human beings, have this inner perception going on. I have to think my world evolves around me and work on that.

Another resolution is to check on the possibility of going back to school in a year or two. This time to do Pedagogy (Pedagogiek), another more realistic goal for the time being. In a way I’m still mourning my decision of stopping with the Pabo, but it’s not realistic in terms of how much work I need to do to obtain a small result. The effort was not compensating the results. And the toll it took on my family was really getting into me. And into Ruud. And Jasmijn. Pedagogiek is still a course related to education, school and children in school age, but as a professional you don’t have to give lessons. You follow children and their parents through their problems at school and at home and help them solve them. Still an interesting thing to do.

A third resolution was to follow a course that doesn’t necessarily lead to a better pay-check. Of course that’s we all wish for at the end, as long as you also enjoy what you’re doing. So the idea is to do a course I will enjoy and that will enrich myself, my life and the lives of those around me. Including hubby and daughter.

A fourth one (don’t they ever stop?) is to make me some schedules and follow them. I really need to follow a more stablished routine. Because of myself, but mostly because of Jasmijn. I usually allow myself not to do what I should. Need to stop that and get straight. Even if following plans to the risk is not one of my best traits. But then again I do usually follow plans in a reasonably good way. And to the point. Normally with good results. But I do need to have a plan first…

There are more, but I’m not going to list them now. I’m tired and I’m really not in the mood to dwell too much on them. I’ve already lost enough sleep over a few of them and if I go on with that, will loose some more…

On a lighter note, today I gave Melissa my list of the best 5 books I’ve read in 2006:

  1. Q & A, by Vikas Swarup (very good one)
  2. Memories of my Melancholy Whores, by Gabriel García Márquez (very good one too)
  3. Quase Tudo, by Danusa Leão (quite interesting. Brazilian journalist/socialite etc)
  4. Urban Shaman, by E.C. Murphy (the world needs some healing fantasy kind of read)
  5. Memory in Death, by J.D. Robb (nice pretenseless light read)

Note they were some of the books I read in 2006, but actually they were most of the books I read then, since until July I just didn’t have the time to read anything besides school literature. After that my brain was a bit too mushy and couldn’t register much. It only started working sort of well again a couple of months ago…

I haven’t mentioned the obvious: The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho was the biggest waste of time ever. But since Sophie had mentioned it, I thought it wasn’t necessary to put more salt on the wound. Right? Wrong! I should have said something!

Ah well, next time then……………..


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