Resoluções (de novo ano também)

Coisas que quero fazer num futuro não muito distante:

  • escrever livros/romances
  • pintar
  • desenhar
  • quilting
  • patchwork
  • bordar
  • ponto cruz
  • caligrafia
  • aprender a trabalhar com madeira
  • trabalhar com barro
  • aprender a costurar
  • escalar (indoors)
  • scrapbooking
  • Power Point:
    – album Jasmijn
    – album trouwdag
    – e o que mais surgir na cabeça
  • cozinhar:
    – novos pratos
    – sopas
    – pães
    – bolos

Me organizar…


3 thoughts on “Resoluções (de novo ano também)”

  1. Hey guys!

    Just wanted to say thank you for the CD you gave me… I’ve listened to it and it’s ace! I’ve heard of The Nits (although I have no idea where from) and they sound a little like Moxy Fruvous, one of my favourite bands, so I’m inclined to like them a lot.

    Thank you again, and Happy New Year!

    Jayne x

  2. hells bells lilia, that’s a list (even though i don’t understand all of your resolutions, i get the general drift :-))! best of luck, tackle them one at a time.

    and jayne, if you happen to know where i might find “green eggs and ham” by moxy fruvous as a download, please post the site in the comment! i’ve lost it, and it’s lovely (as is that sweater song). 🙂

  3. Yeah, Sophie, I know it’s a load full, but I’m into it. But mostly I’m into that bit about tackling my eating habits etc.

    And yes, not snacking at work will definetely help!!!

    See you Wednesday!

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