Finishing touches

Just finished reading Q & A, by Vikas Swarup. Full of rich details and unimaginable situations, it takes us to a different world than our own. Growing up in Brazil myself I’ve recognized a lot of situations that a common boy in Brazil would live through, which takes me to the cocnlusion the world of the poor is somehow the same everywhere in the world. The book is a bit romantic in certain aspects, but we should never forget: it’s fiction, it’s a work of fiction and doesn’t try to be “true” to that world in all its aspects. It tries to portrait a small bit of what poor people in India go through in a daily basis and we, in the Western world, aren’t even aware of.

Very, very good. Specially for a debut novel. This is certainly an author I’ll try to read more in the future.
I’m also trying to finish up with my own self-pity feelings. I don’t need that, that’s certain, so why do I dwell in it? As I said before, get a grip! And take charge. I might not like self-help books very much, but they do help sometimes… And even though I think Dr. Phil simplify life a bit too much in certain aspects, on the other hand he is completely correct: if we don’t do that, nobody else will do. Hence the taking charge of your life motto.
As for endings and beginnings I’m trying to get a grip and start writing daily about my eating habits and such. In order to take care of that problem. In order to be very much aware of the absurdity of things I eat. In order to accept how and when I eat certain foods. And in order to transform and change that particular point in my life. For good.
That all being said, I’m going back to bed and will try to get some sleep, for a change. Jasmijn has been very unreasonable the past nights, waking up at the most impossible hours and just wanting to play. And play. And talk. And drink milk. Anything but going back to sleep. Go figure…

One thought on “Finishing touches”

  1. i know, i know, i’m a bit late in commenting 🙂 i just hope that jasmijn has rediscovered that nights are for sleeping, and wish you all the best with your eating resolutions. i’m going to try to tone down a bit too – and i think not having any snacks at work will help immensely! see you friday!

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