Today was THE day: lots of presents, Sinterklaas and all Zwarte Pieten at the creche, and some songs and more presents at home. Jasmijn doesn’t totally understand the concept of Sinterklaas yet, but it’s getting there!

At the creche she got two wonderful rubber balls as present, the ones she really loves to play with when she’s there. Those with rubber points on them, very nice to the touch and still rubbery.

From Albert Heijn (of course we put her shoe there as well!) she got a whole bag of goodies: two tangerines, a small pack of drop, a small pack of marshmallow-ish kind of sweet (don’t know the name, sorry!), some more sweets (let’s give them slowly through the week, shall we?) and a small picture book.

From us she got a puzzle house, those with colored doors and keys and pieces to be put through holes. She loved it!!!! Didn’t want to go to bed without it. Actually didn’t want to go to bed. Period. But I finally convinced her and smartly enough asked Ruud to be the house away before she left the bathroom. If she’d seen it before going to bed there would be no sleeping tonight. And the parents definetely need some sleep tonight…

It was a weird experience, but very nice. Ruud said we need to have a real Sinterklaas evening next year, since I’ve never really experienced it the right way. I’m rather curious and wouldn’t mind learning as it goes. There’s still time for me to learn, and I’m pretty sure Jasmijn will be more than willing to teach me about it. 😉


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