I’ve gotten a whole list of books…

to help me write about the Netherlands and all, but they are so many that sometimes it is too much. And since I’ve started with that NaNoWriMo thing, there’s no coming to my main idea of writing about my life here. Ah, well, I guessed (and guessed right, I should tell) it would just help me clearing up the thoughts and open my mind to different possibilities.

  • Dutch Sense, by Ayoodeji O. (historical info)
  • Murder in Amsterdam, by Ian Buruma (about Theo Van Gogh etc.)
  • Dealing with the Dutch, by Jacob Vossestein (a bit obvious, right?)
  • Culture Shock! Netherlands, by Janin & Van Eil (survival guide, full with how-tos)
  • How to be happy in Holland, by Pogany (the first one I’ve read when moving to the NL. It was a gift from my to-be parents-in-law. It was a nice gesture, since I was coming to live with their son…)
  • Talking Dutch, by Daniels (obviously about the language)
  • Living in Holland, from Nuffic (practical survival guide)
  • Inside Information, by Curtis & Dhyks-Corkum (VERY practical)
  • Only in Holland, Only the Dutch, by Resch (funny read)
  • Living with the Dutch, by Norean Sharpe (good ideas, even if a bit dry in style for my taste)
  • The Undutchables, by White & Boucke (always funny)

Now that I have a list I can go back to, I can return the books to where they belong: the bookcase. At least until I have the time to browse through them and read more carefully. After the NaNoWriMo franctic, I guess…


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