At the moment I’m reading a few books, 3 to be correct:

A asa esquerda do anjo, by Lya Luft, a wonderful Brazilian writer. For myself. It’s about a young Brazilian girl growing up in a family dominated by the hardned matriarch, a German old lady. It’s about being different, thinking different, and how you survive in a oppressive world.

O alquimista, by Paulo Coelho, a famous Brazilian writer. For a book club (first time I’m going to one!) Too bad he writes as if his reader doesn’t understand what he’s talking about…

What the bleep do we know?, by a couple of writers (dont’ remember their names…). It’s a book about the film with same name that talks about beliefs, ideas, questions and lots more. For myself. I’m still trying to define what I think about it… Have to read more to be sure.


One thought on “Reading”

  1. oh, i agree with you about how coelho writes… so frustrating! but great ideas, nonetheless.
    and bart loved “what the bleep do we know” although he scrupulously avoided all comments by one of the ladies in the book (if he didn’t, he would start throwing up). 🙂

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