The future of genetics

It’s all written in the genes, or so they say. Of course what you do with the information you might get from mapping your genome is strictly yours to deal with.

Reading an article in the latest New Scientist I was confronted with how much scientists are working on genetics, mapping our genome and really trying to know more about who we are, where we come from and which are our possibilities. Scientificatlly speaking, of course. There is no talk about religion, the influence of beliefs and faith and how much the world can change you, but yeah! your genes say if you can be a brilliant scientist or just work behind the counter. Or can they?

The truth is even with all the knowledge in the world, if you don’t make the right choices, follow the right path for yourself or simply don’t follow your heart, you might ‘fail’ in your hunt. But does it mean you should not know? I think knowing as much as possible always helps people to make at least an educated guess. An following your heart knowing you had other choices in life than only what you can see immediately.

Life is a lot more than just heart, instinct and knowledge. It’s a combination of all three.


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